Grief and Loss Support

Purpose and Information

Hope Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc. provides an atmosphere where those who have experienced loss might turn for help, and more importantly, find a foundation from which they can preserve dignity, rebuild and grow. Many individuals feel empty or lost for months after a loved one dies or another type of loss occurs. This reality is often overlooked or discounted by family members or friends.

When people share with others who have undergone a similar loss, they feel validated. When they work with counselors trained in grief work, they are encouraged to move forward. The necessary mix for grief work to be successful is the combination of being around those who can care and share now, and a “home” that stands for hope and happiness in the future.

Those receiving services from the Grief & Loss Program include:

  • Patients and families on Hospice Service
  • Families or individuals facing serious health problems or life threatening illness
  • Family members of anyone who has lost a loved one
  • Employers and their Employee Assistance Programs
  • Anyone who would benefit from others who “have been there”

The Grief & Loss Program:

  • Provides ongoing bereavement support for Hospice families for 13-months after a loss
  • Provides assessment, counseling or referral for community members who suffer the loss of a loved one
  • Networks with other agencies, hospitals, churches, and businesses to provide educational counseling or assessments
  • Works with individuals experiencing loss related to death, miscarriage, serious injury or other significant loss
  • Provides support for individuals who have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness
  • Trains and supervises bereavement volunteers
  • Provides services by trained professionals…at no charge

Services Offered:

  • Individual assessments of needs
  • Short term individual counseling
  • Ongoing support groups
  • Memorials (recognition projects)
  • Community Education Workshops (schools, churches, etc.)
  • Peer counseling and support